Star Wars: Kenobi

“Annileen said you were riding in from the east, the other day. I don’t guess you’ve ever heard of the Lars family?” Ben cleared his throat. “The Lars, you say?” Første bok i 2018 ble mer Star Wars. Denne gangen er det fortellingen om Obi-Wan Kenobis nye eremittliv på Tatooine. Keiser Palpatine har tatt over […]

Catalyst: A Rogue One Novel

In a hushed but serious tone, she said: “Galen, you know where these came from.”“Mygeeto, perhaps,” Galen said, distracted and still fascinated by the colorless kyber. “Possibly Ilum or Christophsis.”“Not their source world,” she said. “The size of them, the shape…” He finally turned to meet her wide-eyed gaze. “These could only have come from […]

Star Wars: Tarkin

The Emperor’s furtive smile gave Tarkin pause. Had he actually seen through Rancit’s and the dissidents’ schemes from the beginning? Had the events of the past few weeks been less about unmasking a cell of traitors than testing Tarkin’s ability to foil the plot and to work effectively with Vader? Det har gått skamfullt tregt […]

Star Wars: A New Dawn

“Maybe that’s part of why people on Gorse live as they do—because doomsday’s coming. But we were told it wouldn’t happen for thousands of years, so not to worry.” Hera nodded. “But what if it happened tomorrow?” Nok en gang er det duket for litt stjernekrig i en galakse langt, langt borte. Denne gangen er det […]

Star Wars: Lords of the Sith

She stared up at Vader, unafraid. “I hate you and everything you stand for,” she said. “But when I murdered, I murdered out of love.”Vader raised his blade, his breathing loud and steady. When he spoke, his voice was as deep and hollow as a funeral gong.“I know precisely what you mean,” he said, and […]

Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader

Where Darth Sidious had gained everything, Vader had lost everything, including – for the moment, at least – the self-confidence and unbridled skill he had demonstrated as Anakin Skywalker. Utforskingen av Star Wars expanded universe fortsetter. Nok en gang er det non-canon, og jammen er det ikke samme forfatter som sist, James Luceno. Til gjengjeld […]

Star Wars: Darth Plagueis

Palpatine stared at the floor, then genuflected, uttering, “It is my will to join my destiny forever with the Order of the Sith Lords.” Plagueis extended his left hand to touch him on the crown of the head. “Then it is done. From this day forward, the truth of you, now and forever more, will […]